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Oil & gas

Our core services cover upstream and downstream oil and gas.  We have the in-depth practical experience to exploit a broad range of industry and functional skills to help you identify and refine your vision, enhance your performance and realize the benefits of your innovations. 

    We work together with our oil & gas clients as partners to bring clear thinking to bear on key strategic issues. What sets us apart is our unique ability to combine four factors: a deep practical understanding of the energy industry and its most difficult challenges, the highest caliber of people, innovation to produce fresh insight,and a commitment to achieving measurable results. It’s what we're known for and enables us to create solutions that effectively satisfy the needs of our clients, all the way from boardroom to operations.

    Our services for oil & gas companies is structured around 6 competence centers:


    Upstream and E&P

    Arthur D. Little has rich experience in the upstream and E&P sectors, having successfully delivered over 150 projects for clients in this area in the past 10 years.

    We have been engaged by the world’s largest national and international oil companies, as well as service & supply companies, to assess, diagnose and resolve their most complicated and impactful issues.

    We specialize in providing tailored solutions to our upstream and E&P oil & gas customers across the following service areas:

    • Strategy
    • Due diligence
    • R&D and technology innovation management
    • Oil-field economics
    • Process, staffing & organization
    • Operations management
    • Risk management


    We support our downstream oil & gas clients in making vitally important decisions on diverse strategic and operational aspects of their organizations.

    We seek to address our clients’ greatest issues, in particular the decline in refinery demand, the erosion of historical margins and the rising capital costs for new capacity and refinery conversion.

    We specialize in providing tailored solutions to our downstream oil & gas customers across the following service areas:

    • Strategy development
    • Refining configuration options & optimization
    • Supply/trading optimization
    • Asset integrity and health, safety & the environment
    • M&A advisory
    • Organization restructuring

    R&D, innovation & digitalization

    We have successfully executed a whole array of critical R&D, innovation & digitalization projects for renowned oil & gas market players, leveraging our proprietary technology management system, along with other methodologies, to bring world-class solutions.

    Arthur D. Little’s approach to technology management in the energy sector is based on 8 interlocking core processes, which work together as a technology management system:

    • Business needs for technology
    • Strategic technology objectives
    • Technology competitive position
    • Technology sourcing
    • Portfolio management
    • Idea generation
    • Managing stage gates
    • Deployment process

    Contract conflict resolution

    We offer contractual, commercial and technical expertise in the global energy industry through our Contract Conflict Resolution competence center. Over the past five years alone, our team has been involved in over 70 disputes, and been cross-examined around 35 times. 

    The senior members of our Contract Conflict Resolution team have worked on the commercial and technical aspects of the global energy industry since the 1970s. They have personal experience of negotiating production-sharing agreements and LNG & gas-sales agreements, including gas-storage agreements, transactional valuations, infrastructure-access disputes and associated damage claims.

    We offer our clients valuable insight into custom & practice in the global energy industry, and related technical, commercial and contractual matters.

    Our team regularly provides expert witness testimony in contractual disputes, supporting clients involved in complex litigation and arbitration proceedings. We work throughout the value chain, including upstream oil & gas, pipelines and LNG, gas storage, trading and retail. We have been called as experts in arbitration proceedings under UNCITRAL, ICC and other procedural rules, in addition to supporting clients and their counsel in contractual disputes which have not gone to litigation or arbitration. Knowing not just “what to say”, but “how to say it”, is often critical to our clients’ success.

    We are committed to the highest standards of ethics for expert support, and we remain independent, willing to debate and disagree with our clients and their counsel where necessary.

      Due diligence and M&A

      Arthur D. Little provides due-diligence and M&A advisory services across all stages of the investment cycle to prominent global investment houses and private-equity funds focused on the oil & gas sector.

      We serve many leading global investment banking, private-equity and venture-capital clients across all stages of the investment cycle, focusing on: 

      • Investment strategy
      • Target identification
      • Buyer/vendor-side due diligences (commercial; technical; operational; HSE)
      • Full potential plan
      • Post-merger integration
      • Exit strategy 

      We have won numerous awards underlining top scores in client feedback ratings year after year, recent examples of which include: 

      • 2015: Game Changer of the Year (Management Consulting) from ACQ5 Global Awards
      • 2013–2014: Due Diligence Advisory of the Year (Worldwide Winner) from M&A Today
      • 2011–2013: Management Consultancy Firm of the Year from Dealmakers Monthly

      Asset integrity & health, safety and environment (HSE)

      We offer integrated risk management and assurance (IRM&A) services in the oil & gas sector, by leveraging our industry knowledge, distinctive expertise and proven tools. Over the last ten years, we have worked with many major oil & gas companies on IRM&A topics worldwide.

      We specialize in providing tailored asset-integrity & HSE solutions to our oil & gas customers across the following service areas:

      • Industrial risk-independent review and improvement
      • Asset-integrity strategy and implementation
      • Sustainability and reputation management
      • Safety leadership & cultural assessment and development
      • Process-safety and HSE management systems development and improvement