automotive quarterly – q42017


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Electric mobility impact on downstream oil business

Threat or opportunity?

Mobility has been dominated by combustion engines and fuelled by oil companies. Regulation, customer demand and technological development, are pushing electricity as a mobility power source, which will inevitably impact the downstream oil business. While the traditional business model is under...
Utilities & alternative energy

Aviation 2035

Scenarios for value chain recomposition and value sharing in aviation post the era of hyper-competition

Aviation will transform more between today and 2035 than it has over its first 80 years as a commercial industryBy 2035, Aviation will experience a greater change than it went through over its first 80 years as a commercial industry. It has already been through three strategic eras, from (i) the...
Travel & transportation

Innovating in the digital age –a cross-industry exploration

Digital technology will transform the way innovation gets done

Our recent survey of 150 companies and 300+ solution providers revealed five key lessons on “innovating in the digital age”Digital technologies (such as AI, advanced analytics, self-learning systems and IoT) are expected to partly or even completely transform the way innovation gets done, according...
Technology & innovation management

Building the Lebanese oil sector

Strategic thoughts for a successful national experience

Lebanon has officially embarked on its oil & gas journey following the signature of the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA), and declared its entry into the club of oil nations. With its limited national experience in managing an oil & gas (O&G) sector, what should Lebanon’s...
Oil & gas

A maturing Internet of Things

Realizing the next level of value

On September 28th, 2018, Arthur D. Little hosted its annual executive event on the state of the Internet of Things in Munich. It was attended by more than 50 senior executives from different industries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and the US, and this year’s theme was “A maturing...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Rethinking Independents

How the US’s role as an exporter shifts the strategies of independent operators

To survive and thrive, independent US operators must position themselves for long-term value creation through new business models that consider the risks and opportunities of excess production and delivery to global markets.The development of shale oil and gas production in the US has been truly...
Oil & gas

Einkauf 4.0 in der digitalen Welt

Transformation des Einkaufs in einen agilen, vernetzten Innovationsführer

Die Welt verändert sich: Sinkende interne Wertschöpfung und eine zunehmende Geschwindigkeit von Markt- und Technologieveränderungen erfordern, dass sich der Einkauf in einen agilen, vernetzten Innovationsführer und einen in Echtzeit arbeitenden, integrierten Supply-Chain-Manager verwandelt. In der...
Operations management

The sixth sense of risk

Building foresight to navigate the emerging risk landscape

Today’s executives face an increasingly uncertain risk landscape. The business environment exposes organizations to greater vulnerabilities, more complex dependencies and less predictable competition than ever before. At the same time there is intensifying pressure and expectation on the CEO’s...

Transforming business resilience

Implementing key risk indicators

The risk landscape of the modern business environment is constantly evolving, and companies need to maintain continuous oversight to deal with key risks that could threaten their businesses. Over the past decade, a number of highprofile corporate crises, many directly attributed to failures in risk...

Digital Lean Management

Durchbruch zu neuen digitalen Spitzenleistungen durch Digital Lean

Unternehmen mit Spitzenleistungen stellten lange Zeit Lean Management in den Fokus ihrer Unternehmenstransformation. Viele Unternehmen haben das Potenzial der Digitalisierung erkannt und mit ihrer „Digital Journey“ begonnen. Wir beobachten zwei Arten von Effekten durch Digital Lean: Unternehmen,...
Operations management