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Operations management

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Actions for post-crisis supply chain recovery

Using recovery from the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for long-term transformation of supply chains and strategic growth

Every day more countries alarm the world with new COVID-19 cases. As a result, many countries are closing their borders and imposing social-distancing measures on their people. Naturally, global and local companies are affected as their workforces and supply chains are cut off. The first weeks of...
Operations management

The 5F War Room

Ensuring health & safety while preparing recovery and future growth

Businesses worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The paramount need is to secure health and safety for the workforce, clients and our societies at large. Beyond that, impact on demand is brutal, with companies forced to juggle major downturns and upturns for...
Strategy, Organization & transformation, Operations management

Ambulance services – Optimizing operations

Rethinking emergency services for efficiency

Healthcare & life sciences, Operations management

Beyond cost efficiencies in shared service centers

Alternative focus to maximize shared service center value generation

Financial services, Operations management

Nuclear Lean

Nuclear power plant owners are hesitant to pursue life extension projects, and in some cases, are even shutting down their plants. As plants age and safety requirements inflate costs of life extension projects, nuclear plant owners often do not find these projects an attractive business case. This...
Utilities & alternative energy, Operations management

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

Ramp-up your virtual workforce

Executive Briefing Series An 8-part series to be updated weekly from July to September 2019 RPA is changing the way processes are automated. In the following guide we will give insights what RPA is, what can be expected by RPA – now and in future - and how to enable a fast operationalization...
Technology & innovation management, Digital company transformation, Operations management

Demystifying robotics: A drone’s eye view

Robotics is transforming businesses in multiple industries across the globe. Already a $100 billion market, it is growing rapidly thanks to improvements and declining costs in sensors and AI software. However, the robotics sector is not well understood by executives or investors. This article...
Digital problem solving, Operations management

Agile crocodile

The modern metals & mining sector and its future

Industrial goods & services, Operations management

Einkauf 4.0 in der digitalen Welt

Transformation des Einkaufs in einen agilen, vernetzten Innovationsführer

Die Welt verändert sich: Sinkende interne Wertschöpfung und eine zunehmende Geschwindigkeit von Markt- und Technologieveränderungen erfordern, dass sich der Einkauf in einen agilen, vernetzten Innovationsführer und einen in Echtzeit arbeitenden, integrierten Supply-Chain-Manager verwandelt. In der...
Operations management

Digital Lean Management

Durchbruch zu neuen digitalen Spitzenleistungen durch Digital Lean

Unternehmen mit Spitzenleistungen stellten lange Zeit Lean Management in den Fokus ihrer Unternehmenstransformation. Viele Unternehmen haben das Potenzial der Digitalisierung erkannt und mit ihrer „Digital Journey“ begonnen. Wir beobachten zwei Arten von Effekten durch Digital Lean: Unternehmen,...
Operations management