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Industrial goods & services

Developments in the manufacturing industry pose difficult questions for market players.  Our Industrial Goods & Services practice works with you to develop and implement innovative solutions. We help you respond to changing customer demands and Industry 4.0 challenges by opening up to new ways of collaboration across the ecosystem. 

  • Mobility, globalization, individualization and connectivity are driving our society. For companies in the industrial goods and services (IGS) sector, this means preparing for hyper-competition, demand versatility and volatility, and last but not least, the high speed of technological change. Digital technologies from telecommunications and consumer domains are rapidly entering into specialized and high-quality-driven industries, pushing these industries to converge. Technology management and its use for differentiation, customer value creation, flexibility and efficiency have taken the first place on the management agenda.  
  • With customers increasingly requesting end-to-end solutions, the focus is shifting from product innovation towards joint development of complex offerings together with other players in the industry ecosystem – increasingly including competitors, start-ups and academia. Thus, cooperation management and M&A are becoming core capabilities of IGS companies. 
  • Operating models are changing at a much higher frequency and need to be supported by adaptive organizational structures. Fully digitalized company processes and value chains, as well as agile IT structures, are essential for achieving a competitive cost position. 
  • Huge business opportunities in emerging markets often suffer from low profitability. Here, tailored solutions that enable a faster ROI are often more promising than simple, low-cost approaches in which cost savings lag behind the price reductions.