At Arthur D. Little, we are constantly looking for outstanding candidates, and we recruit all year round.  We view the recruitment process as a two-way evaluation. This gives us the opportunity to meet and challenge you, and gives you the chance to get a better picture of our company and our people.

During the recruitment process, you will attend several interviews and will meet and be evaluated by several potential colleagues.

The recruitment process has 8 stages

We are seeking individuals with strong quantitative abilities, flexible minds and personal impact.

Step 1: Application screening

Every application is screened and carefully evaluated by Human Resources and one consultant. Candidates of particular interest are invited to a hiring day. 

Step 2: Logical test

After being welcomed by a team member of Human Resources and an introduction to Arthur D. Little and the corporate culture, you will be asked to fill in a logical test, which will be evaluated and taken into account for your assessment.

Step 3: Interviews 

You will meet with two consultants for about an hour each. Consultants will challenge you in your way of thinking, technical skills and personal fit. As a part of the interviews, you will be asked to solve small business cases.

Step 4: Intelligent structure test

The following interview will be done by the Head of Human Resources, who will discuss the results of your intelligent structure test, which you will have been asked to complete and submit in advance of the hiring day.

Step 5: First feedback

After a joint lunch, where you will have had the chance to meet more consultants and be provided with more insight into Arthur D. Little, you will get individual feedback and the information, if you are qualified, for the second round.  

Step 6: Partner interviews

Successful candidates from the interview round are invited to meet with one or two Partners. As a part of the interviews, you could be asked to solve small business cases.

Step 7: Presentation

As part of the afternoon interviews, you will be asked to present a business case, which will have been sent to you in advance, in order to prepare a proper presentation and create a very realistic situation of your future day-to-day work. 

Step 8: Employment offer

Based on the performance of the candidate during the interview round, the partner round, the presentation and the tests, Human Resources and the partners will make the final decision on an offer. Generally, candidates are given a contract before leaving the office if the outcome is positive. 


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