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Media & Entertainment: Flow of Funds (English)

Media & Entertainment: Flow of Funds

Arthur D. Little’s Analysis for Spain

The size of the media & entertainment sector in Spain decreased by 26% between 2007 and 2013, from €23.000 to €16.900 million. In Spain, as well as in other countries, this sector is going through an accelerated transition towards the digital world. However, this transition is far from compensating for the collapse of consumers’ and advertisers’ contribution to the traditional industries due to the crisis, piracy and lack of effective online commercialization models. The actual economic recovery environment fosters an optimistic outlook for the coming years, although most of the value will have to be captured in a different manner to traditional ways. It seems that the necessary conditions exist for digital business models to start taking off with strength. In order to capture the value that can be generated in the sector:

  • Overall, participants must join forces to tackle the piracy problem, adequately measure and monetize online activity, and seize the opportunity that the Internet offers to enter new markets.
  • In particular, several opportunities are appearing for different players, emphasizing the following: i) develop a high-speed Internet offering, ii) monetize the use of telecom networks made by OTT applications, iii) partner with telecom operators in content offering, iv) adopt favorable content-delivery strategies on a long-term basis, and v) implement and monetize the value of targeted advertising.

Datum: Juli 2014

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