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The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study (English)

The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

By 2050 urban mobility will be one of the biggest challenges of cities around the globe. The second version of Arthur D. Little`s report on the “Future of Urban Mobility” delivers answers to the pressing issues of tomorrow. It includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an extended set of 19 criteria. It highlights what is holding cities back and identifies three strategic directions for cities to better shape the future of urban mobility.

Datum: Januar 2014

Datei herunterladen: 2014_ADL_UITP_Future_of_Urban_Mobility_2_0_Full_study_01.pdf (.PDF, 1.8 MB)

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