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Digital Transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises


Digital Transformation is an objective of every business owner. However, there are several reasons why the full potential of digitalization is not exploited by small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria:

Digital company transformation

Digital workplace

The foundation of the digital organization

Reshaping the workplace
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Energy hand in hand with telco

Is a wave of merging electric utility and telco assets imminent?

Liberalization of telco and energy sectors incentivized traditional telco and energy companies to look for new revenue sources beyond their traditional business scope. Telco companies have started to sell energy, gas and heat while energy companies often offer telco services.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Utilities & alternative energy

The digital (r)evolution of data models

From a product-centric data model towards a “connected” and true customer orientation

Across industries the digitalization changes the way how real world is represented in company data structures. Product or channel orientation is being replaced by customer centricity:

Technology & innovation management, Digital company transformation

Utilities’ contribution to national fiber development

How utilities and telecom operators can cooperate to accelerate fiber deployment

The ultra-broadband demand-supply balance remains an unsolved equation
Utilities & alternative energy

Output-based regulation

Fields of innovation for energy-grid operators?

Moving towards output-based regulation
Utilities & alternative energy

Connected Education

Vodafone Power to you

Arthur D.

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Automotive Quarterly – Q1/2017

Die regelmäßig berichteten Kenngrößen auf den ersten vier Seiten basieren auf veröffentlichten Finanzberichten sowie teilweise auf ergänzenden Analysen von Datenbanken. Die wesentlichen Ergebnisse für die Q1-2017-Zahlen im Überblick:  


The WHY strategy: there is no strategy without meaning

In our changing business environment we need new strategic reasons to exist

What does your company bring to the world? Companies and their CEOs often have clear visions of “what” they do: they know their products – names, features and functional benefits. However, they have more limited and inexplicit expressions of “why” they do what they do in today’s world.

Strategy, Operations management

5G deployment models are crystallizing

Opportunities for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems

5G comes with the promise of unseen services and futuristic use cases. Telecom operators and other industry players are making big bets on next-generation services. 5G will bring new interactive and immersive experiences to customers.

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