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The Future for Telecoms Suppliers - Technology Bets and Survival

Traditional telecom infrastructure suppliers are coming under pressure both from evolving operator demands and from new heavyweight competitors in the form of IT players and emerging Asian suppliers. This double pressure means selling fixed and mobile network equipment in both developed and...

Online Gambling: All In?

How the Opening of the Online Gambling Market Across Europe Can Benefit Media and Telecom Companies

The online gambling market is progressively opening throughout Europe. Many telecom operators and media companies looking for new revenue opportunities have a card to play, thanks to their privileged access to customers. However, these players need to carefully elaborate an entry strategy...

Tourism industry in turbulent times

Identifying ways out of the global economic crisis

The economic crisis’ impact on the tourism industry has become apparent with a delay, but is currently putting existing business models under pressure. The set phrase that travel is the last thing consumers compromise on is no longer valid. Generally declining demand for travel in the leisure and...

Profitable Growth through Service

Profitable Growth through Service

Innovative service strategies offer a large potential for increasing growth and profitability in the investment goods industries as in these mature markets competitive pressure is rising continuously and differentiation through physical products becomes more and more difficult. In this situation...
Industrial goods & services

Innovation trotz Abschwung

Rezession hin, Rezession her - neben notwendigen Restrukturierungen bei Innovationsaktivitäten sind jetzt die Weichen für den nächsten Aufschwung zu stellen. Erfolgreiche Innovatoren leiten Teile der abzubauenden Ressourcen in Innovations- und Wachstumsprogramme um, anstatt einfach zu entlassen....
Technology & innovation management

Operational Excellence (Englisch)

Vermögensverwalter, die weltweit Kundengelder investieren, brauchen aufgrund unterschiedlicher legaler oder technischer Gewohnheiten in den verschiedenen Ländern exzellente Operations zur Verwaltung Ihrer Einlagen. Arthur D. Little bietet einen fünfstufigen Ansatz zur Entwicklung einer geeigneten...
Operations management

Exzellenz in Working Capital Management

Forderungen rasch einzutreiben, Vorräte gering zu halten und diese schnell umzuschlagen sowie Zahlungsziele für Lieferanten möglichst lang zu gestalten - diese Stellhebel des so genannten Working Capital Management sind in der unternehmerischen Praxis grundsätzlich bekannt: Primäres Ziel dabei ist...
Operations management

How to manage portfolio companies when the economy is down

Strategies to Turn an Economic Slump to Portfolio Companies’ Advantage

Management summary The current U.S. economic environment has profoundly hurt companies of all sizes and ownership structures. Rising raw material costs, driven by volatile commodity prices and rising supply chain costs, have crippled EBITDA margins. Adding to the pain, companies...
Private equity

The accidental distressed investor

Optimizing investment recovery

Management Summary As the credit and economic crisis deepens, many investors aresuddenly finding themselves in possession of assets or portfolio companies that are closing in on default scenarios.Managerial under-performance and over-leveraged balance sheets coupled with the economic...
Private equity

Arthur D. Little

Breakthrough enablers

Arthur D. Little is the first management consulting firm in the world. While we have invented management consulting, we have very much remained focused on innovation, and believe the current times are extremely exciting, as we are entering an era in which success will be predicated on...