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Operations Management Periodical

Interview, Case Studies, Veranstaltungen und Solutions aus unserer Operations Management Practice

Operations management

Seven value drivers for the future of procurement

Evolve towards the future of procurement by unlocking potential seven value drivers

Operations management

Industrial IoT

Der deutsche Industrial-IoT-Markt 2017-2022. Zahlen und Fakten

Automotive Operations management

Integrating lean principles into digital transformation

Digital company transformation, Operations management

Digital Lean Management

Unlock potential and achieve next performance levels

Operations management

The WHY strategy: there is no strategy without meaning

In our changing business environment we need new strategic reasons to exist

Strategy, Operations management

Procurement Performance Measurement

What CFOs expect from measuring Procurement Success

Consumer goods & retail Operations management

Money's not all banks buy

Strategic Supplier Management for Financial Services Organisations

Financial services Operations management

No Stone Unturned?

Purchasing alliances between portfolio companies in private equity context

Operations management

Manufacturing Performance Excellence

Operations management