Arthur D. LittleArthur D. Little

Markterfolg durch Innovation

Arthur D. Little berät seit 1886 namhafte Unternehmen weltweit in Sachen Strategie, Innovation und Technologie. Unsere Berater geben Klienten aller Branchen und Industrien Impulse für neuen Erfolg. Wir übersetzen Technologie in Strategie. Willkommen in der Welt der Innovationen. Willkommen bei Arthur D. Little.

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FMCG Opportunities and Challenges in Africa
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Arthur D. Little’s “Future of the Internet Study” Broadens the Open Internet Debate

Driving Investments, Growth and Quality of Experience in the Internet of the Future

October 29th , 2014 at Hofburg, Vienna
The Executive Academy is positioned at the intersection of the corporate and startup worlds. It is designed to deliver tools and insights into how to push your innovation capacity and stay competitive in future markets. This year the Executive Academy will take place during the Pioneers Festival, and gives you the chance to take a deep dive into the world of startups with around 2,500 of the brightest entrepreneurial minds from all tech industries.

Digitalization – the integration of digital technologies into everyday life – is one of the most significant trends of our time. Digital technologies have already transformed many aspects of life. However, we are still very much at the beginning in terms of seeing its full impact. In this issue of Prism we focus on these changes and the opportunities in terms of innovation that business can reap from them.